May 27, 2006

Recommended Resource: The Story of a Kingdom

I just learned of another great biblical theology resource!

The niche of this particular site is its orientation towards a simple and understandable presentation of the Gospel geared towards those who speak English as a second language. Available on the site are three resources available for pdf download: (1) The Story of a Kingdom, a study guide that walks through the Biblical story including questions, diagrams, etc. useful for group of personal study; (2) The Story of a Kingdom book, a shortened version of the study guide written to read more like a book; and (3) a Powerpoint presentation that overviews the entire curriculum.

The author is Jonathan Gibson, one of the editors of the Beginning with Moses website I have previously mentioned.

More from those at Moore...Moore Theological College, that is.

Hat tip to Matt Harmon at Biblical Theology.

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