Aug 20, 2006

Sexual Immorality in the Church: An Exposition of 1 Cor 5

David Short's sermon at evening prayer at the ACN meeting in Pittsburgh. Not only a good exposition of the great encouragement of Paul's message to the church of Corinth, but a wonderful example of good expository preaching. This is the kind of preaching I long for. He tells it like it is. He gets down to the core, that sexual immorality imperils the holiness, gospel witness and unity of the church. These are important things!!! Therefore, says Paul, expel the immoral person from among you. Well done, David!


thebluefish said...

Dunno if you've spotted that Chris Green of Oak Hill is now blogging:

Scott said...

Thanks dude! I notice on your profile you mention that you like Sam Storms. I really, really enjoyed his class on eschatology at Wheaton College, prior to his going into a new line of ministry. Glad to know there's another brother acorss the pond who shares some similar interests. If you want a good laugh, read "Seven Star Hand's" comment on my KOG blog.