Oct 21, 2007

The Next Twenty Years for Anglican Christians - Peter Jensen

Abp. Peter Jensen weighed in on Oct 8 ( I know it's probably old news) stating that the time of uncertainty about the future of the Anglican Communion is now over.

Some excerpts:
  • [The Lambeth Conference] can no longer either unify Anglicanism or speak with authority.
  • The American House of Bishops response to the Primates makes it clear that "sexual rights are gospel."
  • American Episcopalians believe that homosexuality is both morally acceptable and "demanded by the gospel itself that we endorse this lifestyle as Christian"
  • "Anglican episcopacy now includes overlapping jurisdictions and personal rather than merely geographical oversight."
  • "Those who believe that the American development is wrong must also plan for the next decades, not the next few months. There is every reason to think that the Western view of sexuality will eventually permeate other parts of the world."
What now?
Thus the question before the biblically orthodox in the Communion is this: what new vision of the Anglican Communion should we embrace? Where should it be in the next twenty years? How can we ensure that the word of God rules our lives? How are we going to guard ourselves effectively against the sexual agenda of the West and begin to turn back the tide of Western liberalism? What theological education must we have? How can we now best network with each other? Who is going to care for Episcopalians in other western provinces who are going to be objecting to the official acceptance of non-biblical practices? The need for high level discussion of these issues is urgent.

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