Oct 31, 2007

Update: Gathercole interview on the 'New Perspective'

Over at 9Marks there's an audio interview of Simon Gathercole and his thoughts on the 'New Perspective'. Worth listening to.


robert said...

Scott, not sure what you felt about the Blue Like Jazz book craze across the U.S., but after reading your blog, i just have to recommend a book to you and your readers for the new year. It is Brown Like Coffee. Kind of wacky but real challenging. I found it at brownlikecoffee.com . It seemed kind of like a response to BLJ. I would love to get your response to both books.

JHagan said...

stumbled on your website. do you attend and Anglican and/or an Episcopal church? I have a couple of friends who have started Anglican/Reformed websites that I'd like to pass on.



Scott said...

Robert - I've not read Blue Like Jazz and don't have plans to at this point in time. I did visit the website for the Brown Like Coffee one and don't have plans to read that book either. I tend to read headier stuff. I am currently reading various titles, but plan to blog about a book that Gathercole edited entitled, Heaven on Earth: A Biblical Theology of the Temple.


Scott said...

JHagan - presently I attend a PCA church in Raleigh. If my blog is any indication, I like Sydney's style of Anglicanism which is hard to find in the US. Like Jensen I'd consider myself an evangelical first and an Anglican second. So for me there are a few things that I look for in a church and have yet to find in the RDU area among the Episcopalians and Anglicans here.


Justin said...

Scott -- I'm a Sydney Anglican working in NYC. I'm intrigued by your Blog. I married a woman from the South, and ended up serving in and Anglican Evangelical Church. I know Peter and Christine very well. And I know David Peterson and Simon Flinders. It would interest me greatly to know your story. Seriously!

justin at christchurchnyc dot com