Sep 3, 2008

New BT Blog

Very promising blog for Biblical Theology. What's so darn exciting about it is that the following chaps are the contributors: T. Desmond Alexander, Michael F. Bird, Stephen G. Dempster, James M. Hamilton Jr. Already there are some good topics covering the relationship between biblical theology and systematic theology, an important question being thought through right now in a number of places (not least their blog).


Clifford Swartz said...

I look in on your blog occasionally, and am grateful for the heads up and links you note. Thanks.

There's a ministry conference in NYC that might be of interest to Anglican Evangelicals. It has Ashley Null speaking on English Reformers and Johnny Juckes leading Biblical expositions. Ashley is a leading scholar of Thomas Cranmer and Johnny is a Church of England minister who used to work for the Proclamation Trust and St. Helen's, Bishopsgate. Info at

Best regards, Cliff

Boyd Murrah, said...

I've been hoping to see more comment on your blog. Interesting.